What it is

The Sociology of Education Research Group (GRISE), coordinated by Professors María Fernandez Mellizo-Soto and María Susana Vázquez Cupeiro, is made up of lecturers and research staff, both senior and junior, who carry out research and teach in the field of the Sociology of Education. Adhering to the lines of specialisation of its members, GRISE is geared to the study of education policies, social inequalities in education, educational organisations and processes, and social and educational changes associated with the Information and Knowledge Society. In its teaching strand, it contributes to the generation of new knowledge and the training of new teachers and researchers.

Some members of GRISE have been working together since the year 2000, having published a total of more than 300 publications in the field of the sociology of education in 2020. The group has independent lines of research, but with coherent and complementary aims, and shared equipment. As well as collaborating on joint research projects, they also form part of a number of research papers financed via external networks. The group is also made up of pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students. A good example of this is that several junior members of the group have had other senior members of the group as their thesis directors or post-doctoral contract tutors. GRISE has also held a Permanent Seminar in the Sociology of Education since 2013.


A good number of the members of GRISE have also been members of the Studies and Analysis of the Sociology of Education Group (GREASE), a now extinct UCM research group, set up in 2012 under the tutorship of Professor Mariano Fernández Enguita. To some extent, GRISE has taken on the baton by focusing on the research and study of education and its social dimension.


GRISE is recognised by UCM as a research group with reference number 970972. In 2021, it received the valuation of “Good” from the State Research Agency (AEI), tasked with the external evaluation of university groups.


GRISE is made up of the Departmental Section of Applied Sociology at the Faculty of Education-CFP (UCM), which belongs to the Department of Applied Sociology based in the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology.

GRISE and, at an individual level, most of the members of the research group, form part of the Complutense Sociology Institute for the study of Contemporary Social Transformations (TRANSOC), made up of four research groups (along with GRISE, this includes GRESCO, EGECO, GISMAT and CIBERSOMOSAGUAS) from the UCM.